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Shuttle Block Pump ( Series DSL ) 1


Capacity: from 250 lpm to 970 LPM Pressure: Upto 6 bar Temperature: Up to 150ºC Viscosity: from 1 cSt to 30,000 cSt Models available: 3

Delta Group have earned a reputation of providing the Shuttle Block Pumps for practically any given application since 1968 due to the widest choice of designs available and excellent knowledge of application engineering.

Working Principle:

  • The Shuttle Block Pump works on a unique pumping principle - a combination of Rotary and Reciprocating action.
  • Rotation of rotor causes reciprocating movement of shuttle and piston.
  • There are only three pumping elements - ROTOR, PISTON and SHUTTLE. Rotor is keyed to a single shaft and runs concentric in pump casing.
  • It has a rectangular slot across its face. The channel shaped piston reciprocates within this slot.
  • A rectangular block, shuttle, fits liquid tight in piston slot and reciprocates. The reciprocating action of piston in rotor and shuttle in piston is due to an eccentric pin fixed on the pump cover and engaging the shuttle bore as the rotor turns in the pump casing.

Salient Features:

  • Self priming.
  • Single shaft design with long sleeve-bearing support and external ball bearing.
  • Single gland construction reduces leakage to minimum.
  • Choice of Mechanical seal and oil seals available.
  • Specially designed for transfer applications.
  • Front pull out design permits inspection of parts without disturbing the pipe connection, couplings or prime mover.
  • Slow speed operation contributes to high reliability and less maintenance.
  • Product is pumped without shear, foaming, agitating, heating, emulsifying or chewing.
  • Pumping elements are of simple geometric form. Parts can be manufactured locally in any part of the world by a small repair shop.
  • Micrometer Axial shaft position device permits controlled clearance between rotor face and cover. Even after long use wear can be compensated by simple adjustment at site without disturbing pipe line or motors.
  • Pump can be supplied in partial or full heating arrangement.
  • Pumps available with built in relief valve.

Typical Applications:

  • Fuel oil transfer, loading and unloading.
  • Edible oil transfer.
  • Tank to tank transfer in process plant.
  • For all cases involving viscosities higher than 200 cSt.

Cost Comparison:

  • Very economical and costs fraction of screw pumps
  • Power consumption is less than conventional pumps. Hence economical in operation.

Technical Comparison:

  • Simplest of all Positive Displacement Pumps.
  • Most compact for any given capacity compared to other Positive Displacement Pumps.
  • Field maintenable. (In-situ repairs permitted !)
  • For further details refer to catalogues as well as liquid list as well as application list.

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