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Delta PD Pumps Private Limited is one of the very few companies offering different design of pumps for various lubricating duties/solutions.

Briefly it is described as follows:

  • Relatively low end applications for lubricating of small Machineries like small Gear Boxes, smaller engines, Seals etc where maximum viscosity of oil is up to 200 cst & maximum pressure is 7 Bar. For this we have pumps at very reasonable SERIES DRT.The same pump is available as a MONOBLOCK Pumpsets eliminating need of coupling and BasePlate. The Series is also known as SERIES DRTBP.
  • For Medium Range applications SERIES DG is normally used up to viscosity of 400 cst or more. These Pumps are available in Foot mounted or Flange Mounted designs.
  • For very critical duties like Lubrication of Machineries in Power Plants, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Turbines etc.These are known as Screw Pumps and are relatively expensive.
SERIES MAX VISCOSITY at 1450/1800 RPM No of Models Technical Details Commercials
D3S-SMT16B 8 - 3200 40 2 - 3,000 180*
DRT 200 cst 6 Foot & Flange Mounted Reasonably Prices
DRTBP 200 cst 5 MonoBlock Pumps -No BasePlate -No Coupling -Very Compact Reasonably Prices
DG/DHG Available in Foot or Flange Mounted Version Higher Range of prices
SCREW type pumps D3S Used for Critical applications in Power Plants, Steel Plants,Ships etc.

FOR LUBRICATION DUTIES, these series in Unbeatable TRIO and briefly described as above