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Rotary Trochoidal Gear Pump ( Series DRT/DRTBP )


Capacity: from 3 to 40 LPM Pressure: Upto 7 bar Temperature: Upto 110ºC Viscosity: from 1 cSt to 500 cSt Models available: 10

Working Principle:

  • Only two rotating parts having principle of gear within gear but without crescent.
  • The inner rotor is located off-center and both rotors rotate.
  • The geometry of the two rotors partitions the volume between them into N different dynamically-changing volumes. During the assembly's rotation cycle, each of these volumes changes continuously, so any given volume first increases, and then decreases.
  • An increase creates a vacuum. This vacuum creates suction, and hence, this part of the cycle is where the intake is located. As a volume decreases compression occurs.
  • The Flow of liquid is axial through the elements.
  • In built features of speed reduction as pinion is rotated at prime mover speed and outer gear rotates at lower speed.

Salient Features:

  • Smooth pulsation free flow with low noise level.
  • Choice of mechanical seal or oil seal.
  • Single short shaft well supported at both the ends with self lubricating bearings.
  • Precision machined components to guarantee high volumetric efficiency.
  • Self priming pump with high suction capabilities.
  • Compact pump as compared to other type of gear pumps.

Typical Applications:

  • Transfer and Barrel unloading.
  • Pressure lubricating & cooling of bearings & gear boxes.
  • Pumping, heating, cooling and filtering units.
  • Pre-lubrication of components of machinery before starting.

Cost Comparison:

  • Very economical and costs fraction of screw pumps
  • Power consumption is less than conventional pumps. Hence economical in operation.

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