Three Screw Pump ( Series D3S/SMT/SMT16B )

Delta group of companies are pioneered in Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps since 1968.The group introduced screw pumps in 1970 mainly for power plant applications. Since then thousands of Screw pumps are supplied and commissioned under guidance to renowned European countries from time to time.

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Today Delta offers under partnership with Settima Mecanica SRL, Italy, the leaders in European market since 1978.Settima – delta are on OEM list of major plant and are in position to make modifications required to suit Indian conditions for replacement market.

Three Screw Pumps D3S/D3M/D3SI.

  • Settima-Delta Three Screw pumps employ just three screw elements - one power screw and two idler screws running in the three precision bores in the housing or liner. The screws are so profiled that they form a liquid tight seal between the thread. As the screws rotate, pockets/ cavities are formed where liquid gets trapped and conveyed from one end of the infinite stroke. This results in smooth, pulsation free flow with extremely low noise and vibration levels, almost impossible to be achieved by any other design of positive displacement or other types.
  • The power rotor does not drive the idlers as commonly believed. The hydraulic forces acting on screw flanks turn the idlers torquelessly thus reducing the friction. The idlers simply roll over the root diameter of idler dia.reduce the unit pressure, centralize the power rotor and absorb the radial loads. A balance piston integrally machined on power rotor takes care of axial thrusts.
  • While in operation, the screws are in hydrodynamic balance on film lubrication and do not require any additional bearings. The one ball bearing often used is only for axial positioning of rotor and safer operation of mechanical seals. Small rotor dimensions enable the pump to be operated at high speeds directly coupled 3000 or 3600 RPM motors or other prime movers. Such unique design and features has demonstrated excellent reliability with pumps in operation continuously non-stop for decades together without replacement of any components or maintenance on clean fluids.
High reliability High speed capability
Long service life Insensitive to viscosities
Negligible maintenance High pressure capability
High efficiency Axial flow - no churning, chewing or shearing
Self priming Excellent suction capability
Smooth pulsation free flow Hydraulic balancing of forces eliminates need for any bearings

Performance Range

D3S-SMT16B 8 - 3200 40 2 - 3,000 180*
D3S-SMT D3S-SM 80 2 - 10,000 180*
D3S-SM 8 - 1200 80 4 - 2,000 180*
D3S-SMC 8 - 1200 80 2 - 10,000 180*
D3S-SMAPI 8 - 3200 60 2 - 3,000 180*
D3SFP 35 - 150 60 2 - 3,000 180*

Figures given are indicative for range only considering speeds up to 2900 RPM.

Three screw pumps can run to speeds up to 10000 RPM under special conditions.

+ Higher viscosities can be handled up to 50, 000 cSt or more.

* Higher temperatures up to 250°C can be handled with special execution.

Typical Applications

Fuel Oil Service:

  • Fuel oil burner service for Thermal Power Plant/ Industrial Package, Boilers, Furnaces, Kilns and Combustion systems.
  • Fuel transfer and booster service for Captive Diesel/ Gas Turbine Plants and Industrial Combustion Systems, Fuel Oil Circulations and Centrifuge Feeding. Tank farm tank to tank transfers.

Hydraulic Duties:

  • Hydraulic governing service for Water Turbines, Inlet Penstock Valves.
  • Low and medium pressure hydraulic applications, high pressure jacking oil service for rotor lifting for Turbines/ Compressors/ Alternators.

Lubricating Duty:

  • Pressure lubrication and cooling of bearings for Turbo Machinery, Gear Boxes, Bearing Lubrication of Coal Mills, ID/FD Fans, Diesel Engines, Steel Rolling Mills, Air pre-heater guide bearings, Compressors.

Seal Oil Service:

  • Hydrogen cooled Generators, Gas and Refrigeration Compressors.

Company News

  • Delta successfully commissions pumps on the Coastguard 06-CG-OPV for 7 ships.
  • Delta gets approval from NTPC for screw pumps & gear pumps.
  • Delta completes export order for supply of pumps for 10 ships for leading European Shipyard.
  • Delta successfully replaces Chinese screw pumps for the critical fuel oil firing application in a UMPP.
  • Delta provides Bitumen Pumps with variable speed drive to HPCL refinery.
  • EIL, a leading Engineering consultant, approves Delta Pd pump range.
  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) enlist Delta as an approved supplier for pumps .
  • Overseas orders : from a Refinery in the Middle East.
  • Coast Guard trusts Delta Pd pumps for Gearbox lubrication duty.
  • Pumping systems for DG Set based power plant from Bangladesh and Nigeria.
  • Supplies pumps & Pumping systems for various power plants & refineries of Dangote Group in Africa.
  • Commissioning pumps for White Oil Products for Stripping applications.
  • Industry's first Twin Screw Pumps without timing gears commissioned successfully!