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Operational Manuals

Product Names Operational Manuals
Three Screw Pumps D3S Series Manual
Twin Screw Pumps D2S Series Manual
Single Screw Pumps D1S Series Manual
Internal Gear Pumps DIG Series Manual
Rotary Trochoidal Pumps DRT Series Manual DRTBP Series Manual
Shuttle Block Pumps DSL - 225 Series Manual DSL - 450 Series Manual DSL - 850 Series Manual
External Gear Pumps DG LP Series Manual DG HP Series Manual

Company News

  • Delta successfully commissions pumps on the Coastguard 06-CG-OPV for 7 ships.
  • Delta gets approval from NTPC for screw pumps & gear pumps.
  • Delta completes export order for supply of pumps for 10 ships for leading European Shipyard.
  • Delta successfully replaces Chinese screw pumps for the critical fuel oil firing application in a UMPP.
  • Delta provides Bitumen Pumps with variable speed drive to HPCL refinery.
  • EIL, a leading Engineering consultant, approves Delta Pd pump range.
  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) enlist Delta as an approved supplier for pumps .
  • Overseas orders : from a Refinery in the Middle East.
  • Coast Guard trusts Delta Pd pumps for Gearbox lubrication duty.
  • Pumping systems for DG Set based power plant from Bangladesh and Nigeria.
  • Supplies pumps & Pumping systems for various power plants & refineries of Dangote Group in Africa.
  • Commissioning pumps for White Oil Products for Stripping applications.
  • Industry's first Twin Screw Pumps without timing gears commissioned successfully!